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Plus Size Sexy Nurse Costume Ideas for Halloween 2022

by ZhouAlice 28 Sep 2022 0 Comments

Nurse costumes for Halloween are not unexpected and stunning costumes, for it is so classic. While a naughty nurse costume is absolutely a surprising gift for your man. Today, we are going to introduce 4 plus size sexy nurse costumes for you as reference.

Every year around Halloween, costumes usually sell well and soon out of sizes you fit, especially in-store. That’s why we have today’s article Plus Size Sexy Nurse Costume Ideas for Halloween 2022 from Ohyeahqueen.

ohyeahqueen erotic nurse costume
  1. Sexy Nurse Costume Teddy Lingerie 4XL Available

The sexy nurse costume teddy features a red cross cup and sexy teddy type, extremely sexy and erotic. It’s perfect for couples who want to celebrate this hot Halloween together.

  1. Sexy White Halter Nurse Costume 4 Pieces SetMini Dress

Ideal role-play costume for couples. Deep v-neck, white and red cross, mini dress with garter belt, apron, headwear, and shoulder emblem decoration, a very “professional” nurse you want to be.

  1. Sexy Bodysuit Teddy Nurse Costume

Adult sexy nurse costume features with bodysuit style with a garter and leg ring, sexy and hot; red and white color, creating a hot nurse image, giving you spicy nights. Best for occasions like couple parties, Halloween, anniversaries, birthdays, and as well as great gifts for her.

  1. Sexy Off The Shoulder Nurse Costume Teddy

Features with headwear, off-shoulder, teddy style with garter belts, red cross decoration, showing off your beauties. Ideal for occasions like couple parties, Halloween, anniversaries, birthdays, and as well as great gifts for her.

Above are 4 plus size sexy nurse costume ideas for Halloween 2022 from Ohyeahqueen Plus Size Lingerie store. 4 sets are all available in sizes from XS to 4XL.

Following we want to talk about other sexy costume ideas for Halloween 2022.

ohyeahqueen erotic nurse costume 1

When you are shopping for skirts, shirts, jeans, or dresses, it’s limited options for curvy women, especially Halloween costume ideas. While more and more brands are offering styles in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL, and beyond, like Ohyeahqueen, plus size is a big part of our brand.

Ohyeahqueen is available with some styles of Halloween 2022 for couples, and scroll through these sexy, cute, and plus-size Halloween costumes, you can get the idea of which one to wear on October 31!

Halloween Christmas Adult Little Red Riding Hood Cosplay Costumes

Nice cape with a proper length, elegant and unique. Spliced lace cup shape bust curve and line. Mini apron with lace edge, showing off feminine beauty.  Suitable for Halloween, Christmas, birthday surprises, lingerie parties, and other special nights.

Black Long Sleeve Leather Sexy Kitty Kat Costume

V neck, backless design, and see-through features picturing vivid kitty kat, sexy and cute.  Perfect fit for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, anniversaries, birthdays, and ideal gifts option for her.

Sexy Secretary Role-Playing Suit Lady Half Sleeve Shirt Black Leather Skirt

sexy lingerie, sexy short skirt with hips, role-playing underwear, secretary role-playing suit, a must-have item for your sexy wardrobe. Show the elegant temperament female secretary.

Blue Indian Style Sexy Bralette Lingerie Set With Golden Paillette

Features with golden paillette, veil, and Indian styles, show off your Indian style as sexy and charming. Best for occasions like couple parties, Halloween, anniversaries, birthdays, and as well as great gifts for her.

Sexy School Girl Cupless Costume Plus Size Two Pieces Lingerie Set

Erotic and see-through design, sexy student uniform, and college cosplay suit style. Suitable to be sexy lingerie costumes, exotic clothing for role-playing, sexy cute, and comfy. Fun and easy to wear.

Plus Size German Beer Girl Costume Dress

German beer girl costume is elastic and shape body curves well, and features large dress edges, easy to dress and take off. Suitable for cosplay parties, Halloween, anniversaries, and birthdays.

Men are willing their ladyloves or women to dress up in these little outfits for a special hot night. These sexy costumes are popular during the Halloween season and good for some sensuous roleplay with your partner.

There are so many styles that how to select from them. Here are 3 recommendation guides.

ohyeahqueen lingerie blog pic made by storyseta on Freepik
  1. Find one That Fits Your Body Shape

We are aiming to wear a look that are feel good in it, so your lingerie and costumes should follow the same study process. Therefore, when picking a costume, go to do an analysis and learn your body shape first before you make a purchase. That will allow you to have the best effects you love most.

  1. Find suitable material

 Some outfits just don’t fit certain people. For instance, if you have a larger stomach, you do not want to wear a costume that material has a bit of pliantness to show off your stomach. And if you’re more of a straight shape, a material that is slightly tighter and thicker can shape your body curve well. That gonna works well.

  1. Communicating Your Requirements with Your Mate

 If you still confused, what we do recommend is communicating your requirements with your mate and eventually selecting a costume that’s going to make you feel sexy as hell! If you don’t like the idea of the sexy costume mentioned above, you can try other sexy costumes.


It’s completely private what costume you are going to wear. If you are someone who likes the idea of dressing up and engaging in roleplay with your mate, the sexy costumes mentioned above are fine!  Leave us comments if you have any suggestions.

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