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Ohyeahqueen Christmas Sexy Lingerie Buying Guide 2022

by ZhouAlice 13 Oct 2022 0 Comments

The holiday season is coming. Are you going to treat yourself or spoil your partner this Christmas? Someone said that it is not suitable to pick exposed or sexy lingerie as gifts for girlfriends or wives. While some say that why not treat her with a sexy lingerie set on this special Christmas night?  In my opinion, why not! It’s a way to make life more intimate. Today, I would like to share with you Ohyeahqueen Christmas sexy lingerie buying guide for 2022.

two pieces christmas lingerie set

Ohyeahqueen lingerie is designing, manufacturing, and selling petite and curvy sexy lingerie worldwide. And there is a collection of sexy lingerie for Christmas, elegant and hot. I think these gonna be ideal as festival gift options, too.

Seducing Santa Sleepwear

What’s the best gift for your spouse this happy holiday season? Yourself, right?

If you are committed to bringing your partner a spicy night this Xmas, see no further than Ohyeahqueen’s red-hot selection of Christmas-themed lingerie. A red lace lingerie set or an alluring fur trimmed babydoll is enough to light the Christmas night. Decorate the bedroom, and wrap yourself up, surprising him on this Xmas night!

There is much more you can try to be Seducing Santa, like sexy define teddies and garter sets, so enjoy looking and find the perfect lingerie for your Xmas X of passion. Besides, a rad fishnet dress, red Christmas bodystocking, or some sexy red stockings are great options for this Christmas. What Santa could resist that?

ohyeahqueen off shoulder christmas mini dress lingerie

Treat Yourself to Sexy Christmas Costumes

Apart from starting the party in the bedroom with a sexy Christmas lingerie set or a corset, why not pick a stunning costume that makes you to be remembered, and really seduces the Santa in your life?

Sexy Christmas costumes can vary from cutesy to exposed. From a Santa costume dress with little fur, a trimmed hat, and a waist belt, to something all-out salacious such as an erotic sheer lace costume or red velvet wrap around to get your sexy bits sparkling. There really is nothing better to inspire Christmas crime of passion.

Whatever style you like, there is a vast array of sexy costumes you can try and have fun with this season.

Curvy Beauties

Christmas is a time for us all to enjoy, and so does those curvaceous cuties among us. This is your time to shine! Dare to show off your fabulous figure to the max with some red-spicy Christmas lingerie designed especially to shape and enhance the fuller figure. Why not try a cute red velvet curvy babydoll outfit? Or maybe a lace plus size babydoll to bring some fun to the bedroom, or perfectly match with red Christmas underwear to finish off your Christmas outfit.

Lingerie is a gift for both of you. Therefore, when you are spicy, no one needs to be warm at Christmas!

ohyeahqueen babydoll christmas dress

Wrapping Your Christmas Gifts

The best gift is yourself. And we know it’s not just what present you give to your husband but how you present it. Therefore, you need to wrap your body in a different way to surprise him. Christmas is the best time to have festive fun. How are you going to finish off your outfits? Why not go for the ultimate revealing charm with a pair of cutesy Christmas underwear?  For your dress, why not try something colorful to inspire the season? Go out with the jingle bell stockings or red fishnet stockings to really get your Santa sweating.

However, if stockings aren’t your thing, fear not - a pair of gorgeous suspender tights are perfectly finishing off your looking. Just take your time to find what is right for you, for there is no point in being uncomfortable when you have so many options at your disposal.

Sparkle Your Bedroom

If a red Christmas sexy lingerie set or corset is not enough hot to sparkle your bedroom, why not take a peek at some low v-neck sleepwear or strappy back robes? Or even a long flowing red trimmed nightgown in satin or lace, giving a peek of what lies beneath without being so openly - well, open!


There is a world of sexy Christmas outfits at your disposal, and just take your time to pick what is right for you! No matter is for a gift for both of you or just you, find and have fun with this festive season. That’s the central idea of Ohyeahqueen Christmas sexy lingerie buying guide for 2022.

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