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Why You Should Try Body Stocking?

by ZhouAlice 04 Nov 2022 0 Comments

A Body stocking usually covers the torso, legs, and sometimes also arms, which would be tricky or take you time to put on.  Someone would reject buying one for this reason! However, it's quite worth your time after you wear it! Why? Because a sexy bodystocking is one of the most versatile and attractive lingerie! Below are detailed explanations and reasons why you should try a body stocking if you never did before.

ohyeahqueen sexy bodystocking try on haul

Bodystocking -- Versatile and Boosts Confidence

Who doesn’t love feeling sexy? Bodystocking makes things easier. Bodystocking is extremely sexy. It looks fabulous on any type of body shape and is possible to match well with any natural curves. No matter the perfect butt you are proud to display, eye-catching boobs, or long and luscious legs that drive men crazy, there always is a bodystocking that compliments your favorite part of the body, which boosts your confidence.

Besides, the bodystocking is one of the most versatile lingerie. We are confident to say you cannot find more functions from any other lingerie than bodystockings, for it’s well matched in countless looks. What’s more, there are countless styles of bodystocking you can choose from. You always can be perfectly matched easily.

  1. Bodystocking as Lingerie

Use as lingerie is the first and the most notable function of the bodystocking. This is incredibly sexy lingerie, which can be worn on any occasion. For instance, you can wear crotchless body stockings for your man in the bedroom to spice him up! Or you can match it with club wear or even a work suit.

Although wearing a one-piece bodystocking usually upset you when you make a trip to the toilet, body stocking is a kind of lingerie that is super comfortable. Because it is often made of soft, lightweight, and stretchy fabric, which provides you comfy feeling when you wear it in the office or the club.

What’s more, sexy bodystocking hugs the body tightly and comfortably, making it easy to shape your body line. It goes well even with a tight outfit.

ohyeahqueen curvy bodystocking

Tips for Picking Bodystocking as Lingerie

When choosing bodystocking as lingerie, see-through and fishnet bodystocking is the best choice. They are more breathable and comfortable for wearing all day long.

It’s the crotchless or open crotch body stocking that is worthy of use as lingerie, for it makes your trips to the toilet easier, even though it is suitable for everybody.

Be mindful of the style you select, think of the clothes styles you are going to match with before making a decision. For example, if you want to show off your long and luscious legs, why not try garments with cute suspender designs?

  1. Fishnet Bodystocking as Outwear

Not everyone is a fan of fishnet bodystocking, but many women pretty much like to show off their beauties with stunning outwear. Nothing is more eye-catching and seductive than rhinestone bodystocking. That’s why many women use it as outwear.

Of course, some occasion like the workplace is not suitable. But for most scenarios, bodystocking is perfect outwear. Go downtown, have a drink, and dance in a pub.

The best time to wear bodystocking as outwear is vacation! From sun kiss heaven to a crazy weekend in a new city, wearing a body stocking is a great idea!

Tips for Using Bodystocking as Outwear

To select a proper style -- long sleeve, no sleeve, fishnet, sheer or opaque, make sure to fit in your body type. Remember to be appropriate and comfortable, a crotchless or open crotch one is not a good idea!

Think about what result or style you are going to lead. For instance, are you going to show off some body part that you are proud of?

ohyeahqueen bodystocking lingerie
  1. Bodystocking for Bedroom

Now we come to the bodystocking for the bedroom -- seducing the special one. Erotic bodystocking is a good idea to enhance sex fun and excitement. It gives a better result than bra and panty sets and is going to be more popular. 

Countless styles of body stockings make your partner full of passion. Black fishnet bodystocking is very popular, for its seductive character. Nothing is as seductive as crotchless bodystocking. It makes your pulse race and makes sex time more exciting!

4.No Rush in Picking

Take your time in selecting your first bodystocking, go with black ones first. Then try blue bodystocking, purple bodystocking, or white bodystocking to match your outfits. 

Above are the reasons why you should try bodystocking from ohyeahqueen lingerie and tips when making a decision. Ohyeahqueen bodystocking lingerie carries a wide range of sizes from XS to 5XL, available in black, white, purple, blue, pink, and so on.

Below is an Ohyeahqueen bodystocking try-on haul YouTube video by Vu’s Review.

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