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What does the Lingerie Shop Ohyeahqueen Sell?

by ZhouAlice 17 Nov 2022 0 Comments

The lingerie shop Ohyeahqueen fixes the purpose of “Make life more sexy”, and “No one knows you better than yourself”. Ohyeahqueen had her first online lingerie store in 2014 on Amazon, and her branded website began in 2019. She mainly carries sizes from XS to 7XL, suitable for petite and curvy women. Today, we are going to share what the lingerie store Ohyeahqueen sells.

First thing first: what is lingerie? Simply say, lingerie is an underneath garment or sleepwear. Ohyeahqueen focuses on plus-size sexy lingerie, which is fancier and sexier than your typical lingerie or everyday essentials. Whether it is for bridal, honeymoon, or every special night with your partner, you can pick a suitable lingerie from Ohyeahqueen. Let’s go to see category by category.

Ohyeahqueen Plus Size Lingerie

Everyone deserves to feel sexy and beautiful in their own body! Plus size lingerie stores like Ohyeahqueen provides all sizes of lingerie for any body type of woman. Thousands of styles are available, for instance, plus-size garter belts, plus-size underwear, plus-size babydoll, plus-size bodysuit, plus size sleepwear, plus size sexy costume and so on. It makes the purchase of lingerie easier.

ohyeahqueen plus size lingerie

Ohyeahqueen Garter Belt

Ohyeahqueen garter belt is a hot collection among customers. It is used to keep stockings from falling down. Now it has been worn to hold up thigh-high stockings with matching bra and panty to make it slutty and seductive. You can adjust the garter straps to make you feel comfortable.

ohyeahqueen garter belt

Ohyeahqueen Sexy Underwear

Sexy underwear in ohyeahqueen lingerie shop contains styles like C string, G string, leather panties, sheer lace underwear, cotton women's briefs, backless underwear, crotchless knickers, and so on. It’s revealing and comfortable for the big special nights.

ohyeahqueen sexy underwear

Ohyeahqueen Leather Sexie lingerie

Leather series sexie lingerie is made of faux leather, nonleather smells, and quality, and is stylish for comfortable wearing. It is alluring as sheer lace lingerie fits and flatters your shape.

Ohyeahqueen Leather Sexie lingerie

Ohyeahqueen Sexy Body Stockings

Not like one-size bodystocking from other sexy lingerie stores online, the bodystockings from Ohyeahqueen intimate store carry sizes to 5XL, to let more people find perfect fit ones easily. Whether you’re finding a fishnet, sheer mesh, crotchless, strapless, long sleeve, off-the-shoulder, elbow length, or something else altogether, you will always find one from ohyeahqueen.

Ohyeahqueen Sexy Body Stockings

Ohyeahqueen Babydoll and Chemise

Babydoll and chemise have a slight difference. The chemise is skimmer than babydoll, but both are short dress nightgown that highlights the waist part. In a variety of materials and styles, you’ll always find a babydoll or chemise that fits you.

Ohyeahqueen Babydoll and Chemise

Ohyeahqueen Sexy Lingerie Costumes

If you’re willing to make your date night forgettable and spoil your partner, sexy lingerie costumes are must-haves. Costumes are more creative than lingerie sets, and you can use every piece if you want. There is a sexy lingerie costume that is right for every body type and personal style in ohyeahqueen plus size lingerie store.

Ohyeahqueen Sexy Lingerie Costumes

Ohyeahqueen Bodysuits and Teddies

Bodysuits are one-piece lingerie from shoulder to hip, often with an open crotch. A bodysuit can be worn out by matching it with skirts, jeans, or shorts. While Teddies are used in the bedroom, usually made with sensual materials like sheer lace. In a variety of styles in ohyeahqueen bra store, you always can find one fit and feel comfortable to wear.

Ohyeahqueen Bodysuits and Teddies

Ohyeahqueen Bra Sets

The bra comes in a variety of styles and materials, and a delicate matching bra set is great everyday wear and often also perfect for special occasions. Finding a set of lingerie you love and want to wear makes it a great investment. No matter wear them separately or matching, you always have an option.

Ohyeahqueen Bra Sets

Ohyeahqueen Robes

Ohyeahqueen robes come in all kinds of fabric, from silk to sheer to lace, and it also comes in all sizes, so you’ll be able to find a piece that fits and looks like it was made for you.

Ohyeahqueen Robes

Ohyeahqueen also contains rompers, sleepwear, pajamas, stockings, and so on. The lingerie collections mentioned above are the most popular ones. Whether you are using lingerie for your partner or to treat yourself, it is a significant investment to pay off the lingerie you love. Subscribe your mail address to our lingerie store, and be the first one to know the new arrivals and best deals we offered to customers.

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